Sales is our Craft, our Craft is our Passion

With a successful careers spanning over almost 20 years across a range of mediums, Realestate Dominance’s natural enthusiasm for Sales and Property Management is obvious.  Through their work with businesses, sales people and Property Managers, Realestate Dominance instils structure and discipline by providing simple, practical & effective techniques to ensure consistent success.

Understanding and delivering on their client’s requirements is Realestate Dominance’s number one priority. Realestate Dominance’s exceptional results to date reflect their determination to ensure a reputation based on providing solutions that exceed the expectations of those they deal with.

Our Skills

Property Management




Auction Dominance


Throughout Realestate Dominance’s career they have attended numerous training sessions & whilst they have had some worthy information, typically the content is over-engineered & difficult to implement.  Through this, effective training & coaching programs have been developed which have proven to provide quick & sustainable results.

Energetic and motivated, Realestate Dominance are committed to ensuring every client is a client for life. Having a unique approach to the business of Selling and Property Management,  their open, honest and upfront manner has been the catalyst to the outcomes their clients often boast as exceptional. There is little doubt that Realestate Dominance will continue to boast a reputation which exceeds expectations and vision to deliver phenomenal results for both themselves and their clients.

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