We all know the importance of a database…..

We believe –


In Real Estate we all know how important a Database is….so we build one…Sure we all take details – put them into the database – That’s Great, but it’s what you do from that point is where the value of the data grows.

Even if you’re just starting out and don’t have a huge budget, or can’t decide on which program to use — keep a spreadsheet with all the information:

— Names                            Nurture Your Database!

— Email Addresses

— Contact Number         

— Where the enquiry came from

— When, What & How you have communicated to them

Be sure to update contact and lead communication information in your database constantly and communicate with your leads regularly.

It’s not about the numbers it’s about the quality and the level of communication.

You’re thinking “okay great I’ll put the details in to the system and leave the database to do its thing” …… or you send out a bunch of meaningless newsletters about your current listings or how great you are doing – You need to ask yourself: “Is this really adding any value to your leads?”

— Is this Great Communication OR is this Diminishing your contacts at a great rate of knots? — All because you’re not connecting or offering any value.

Have a Good look at what you are sending out – from our research, all agents send almost Identical content – the consequence of this is that Your PERCEPTION is that –“YOU’RE JUST THE SAME AS THE OTHERS” – REDUCING YOUR VALUE + POTENTIAL BUSINESS + REFERALS

How good is your database?……

  • How many unsubscribes are you getting?  
  • Does your database even know who you are?
  • How Connected to your Database are you?
  • When you’re adding to your database are you looking for volume or quality?

The true Value & Wealth of a Database is in the CONNECTION you have with the Contacts….

You should be looking for Quality of Contacts and capturing loads of information.  You should also be looking to Communicate with your Leads Regularly & Using Multiple Mediums — Always Providing Value.

Here are some great tips to get you started when starting and maintaining a database: –

  1. Have I got enough information about them?
  2. Is the information I’m sending – informative; Value; Demonstrating My Skill?
  3. How am I going to communicate: – email, phone call, letters?
  4. How Often am I communicating?

Tracking your leads and keeping notes in your database is a sure fire way to keep your leads wanting more and converting into long term relationships.

Providing quality information to the people on your database, giving them stuff that they want to know about will get your leads interacting with you and staying with you


Grow the contacts + Build the Connection =  Dominate your Market

Peter Hawtin & Loretta Morgan
0421 358 764 | 0417 748 200

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