Often I see agents trying so hard to be innovative and creative in generating leads, whilst I am an advocate for trying new things, there is one thing I know for sure, these new innovative things need to be in addition to some of the basic, proven and traditional activities that  haven’t changed when it comes to getting appraisals, listings and making sales.

Here are 3 activities which have passed the test of time, proven to have worked over and over again if done consistently:

  • Mailouts / Letterbox Drops
  • Phone calls
  • Signage

It’s funny how I see though people trying so hard to find another way whilst in the process missing opportunities right in front of their noses.

There really is no other easier way than to do the work.

If you would like to find out more information about what is working right now around mail-outs and phone calls, please contact me about my scripts and dialogs half day workshop coming up really soon only $49.00.

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