forbidden phrases resizedAre you making prospecting calls & not getting a great response?

Are you fed up with your prospects appearing distant & disinterested?

Do you feel your calling efforts are wasted?

Would you agree that the key to being a successful sales person is to standout, be noticed & remembered and to have your ‘Prospects’ engage with you?

Think about this…..Through my experiences I have observed several phrases a majority of sales people use across a multitude of industries. I have found that every day, sales people will make contact with their prospects and begin their conversation with one of several lines: – “…..I’m just touching base….” OR “I’m just following up….” OR “….just a courtesy call…..”  OR…..Hi John, it’s Peter calling from ABC Pty Ltd, how are you today?”…… 

Is this you?  Don’t feel bad, this may have been how you were taught & perhaps it’s how you’ve always done it.  Firstly, I commend you for doing the activities as this is the first step to success – taking action!  Imagine if you could increase your success rate by just altering what you say?

Think about this, how many times have you received a call from a sales person and they have used one of these lines?  Was your automatic assumption that they wanted something?  That you are just a name on a list, a task if you like, to be crossed off or worse, it’s a conversation about nothing.  All you are thinking about is “How can I get rid of this person” – meaning you are not hearing what they are saying as you are distracted – You are no different from your prospects!

If you want to increase your volume & be the very best – Eliminate these phrases from your vocabulary & stand out!

I have been working with Sales people working in a multitude of industries and products and by altering their vocabulary we have seen significant shifts in their results, with one business reporting their best sales month ever!  If you would like some assistance with this, please get in contact.

“Because the majority of people out there are afraid to be different, it allows people like us to own the ball game”          Peter Shankman



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