Welcome to an EPIC 2016, if you want it to be!   A New Year, you’re chance to make it MASSIVE, improve on 2015 and make this your best year yet.  I read a post on Facebook a few days ago, it went along the lines of

‘A New Year – 365 New Opportunities’ – So very True & Exciting!

You have probably set your goals, or at least in the throws of it.

Would it be fare to say that you would like this year to be BIGGER & BETTER than last year?  Or at the bare minimum you achieve the same, right?

Well, here are some cold hard facts – If you want BIGGER & BETTER, or even if you want to stay the SAME -Well, You MUST be Better!

If you DO the same as you did last year, the sad news is that it won’t be enough to achieve the same as last year, as your competitors will advance past you…

There are 3 simple things you must focus on increasing  & improving:

  • TIME MANAGEMENT  – Stop waisting time, get more efficient, do the work that generate income first!
  • PROSPECTING – Make the calls, Walk the Streets, keep prospecting, never stop prospecting
  • SKILLS – Keep learning, keep evolving and keep improving

Don’t put it off, work out the activities that you have proven to be effective, Book yourself into weekly training, sit down & revise your diary and schedule it all in.

Check out the training section on my website for Workshops and Training Days.

Wishing you a MASSIVE 2016!

Peter Hawtin
0421 358 764


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