How to stand out in a crowded market and come out on top!

How to Stand Ou in a Crowded Market and Come Out on Top!
 No matter the climate, the Real Estate market is always competitive. With a majority of the agents & agencies we work with, growing their business – income &/or market share – is a priority.  Quite often the discussions also revolve around the limited amount of stock available & how hard it can be to win business.
We are often quite shocked at what some agents & agencies are prepared to do to just win business.  Some just wreak of desperation the second you meet them.   Sadly, a lot of people feel that the only way to win business is to drop their fees & cover the clients costs.
This is NOT a sustainable business model! Eventually, You will go broke…I can hear what some of you are saying – “Hopefully we will get more business from it” – in my experience, when the word ‘HOPE’ is put into a business conversation – it’s scary – Hope is NOT a plan.
Now, we are very aware how competitive it is out there, there are numerous ways to win business without just resorting to discounting & giving everything away…   Sadly the general public assume, perceive & believe that all agents are the same – therefore the only logical thing for them to compare on is cost.
So how do we get around this?….
#1.  UNIQUE – Do You act & sound like every other agent? Chances are – You Do…most agents strut in & proceed to tell their prospects how good they are – why they are the best.  If we all sound the same, we just prove their assumptions & it will come down to costs.  There is a fundamental message that you need to get across, but develop ways – through what you are saying & how you present – to demonstrate that you are unlike any other
#2.  WELL VERSED – what you say & how you say it is Vital to your success.  Words are the most powerful tools we were ever given. Develop a well crafted presentation – including a strategically engineered architecture & dialogue – to position you far above any of your competitors.
This must be delivered with energy, genuinely & seamlessly without sounding ‘scripted’
Dominating your marketplace at a greater fee is easy if you put in place some Simple, Proven & effective strategies – We have templates & blueprints to lift you above a crowded marketplace Quickly & Easily – we can help
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