One of the key steps in being a Successful Property Manager

Failing to be Detailed is one of the key reasons that Property Managers experience overwhelm, stress and burn out.


Having to go back and fix things that weren’t done properly due to a lack of detail.

Being detailed in everything you do will be the difference between a successful career or a stressful career.

Being detailed means being:

  • ThoroughTip # 1
  •  Specific
  • Accurate
  • Timely

Ensure your documentation is accurate. Simply follow the instructions on the forms.

Document conversations and follow up – do what you say you will do.

Be timely with your documentation and responses.

One of the main things we see when conducting Audits for our clients is incorrect or incomplete documentation. Incorrect dates, names, incomplete or wrong forms and the list goes on.

This not only causes problems from a legislative point of view but also eats into time wasted having to go back and fix things up and what’s more disgruntled clients as a result.

The Detail is in the Documents, Conversations, Processes and Timing.

Take your time to:

  • Read over the documents
  • Record Conversations
  • Double check work
  • Ask questions or investigate if your not sure
  • Do what you say you will do – Integrity

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