Effective Commission Scripts

Effective Commission Scripts


Are you Sick & Tired of having to discount your fees to win Business?!

Do you Feel that this is the only option to get you that competitive edge in your market place?

Want to know how to simply, easily & quickly dominate your market, get more listings and make more money?!

I have been fielding a lot of questions lately on how to stop having to Discount Fees. Here are the ‘Top 3 Reasons’ agents, just like you, feel they have to discount to win the business:


This saddens me……Why?! Well, with just a few easy adjustments we can turn your frustration into more business.
Here’s the thing, when you deliver a high quality service, with the right words, with the right confidence and preparation – You’ll will Blitz it!


Let me share with you a story of on of my clients I have been working with for just over 6 months.

Her Goal: Increase Market Share & Income

We implemented numerous strategies, but the one key thing which has proven to have had the most impact have been the new scripts (WORDS) we have implemented. In particular, the new scripts around Selling Fees. We’ve been able to increase & maintain her average selling fee by 1% and she is on track to this financial year QUADRUPLE her income!

What has happened is that my client is now well worded & rehearsed with 9 ways to handle the ‘Will you Discount your Fees?’ question and goes into every presentation prepared & confident.

If you want the EXACT scripts that have been proven, get your copy of ‘Effective Commission Scripts’

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This compilation of the most Effective Commission Scripts will change the way you go about ‘Discussing Commission’ with your prospective clients. It will give you the EDGE and empower you to Get the Commission YOU Deserve!

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