We often hear Sellers & Agents saying –

“Auctions Don’t Work”….

“Auctions are Expensive”…..

These are just 2 Myths surrounding the ‘Auction Selling Process’.

There is a lot of resistance around Auctions in Qld, generally because of previous poor experiences had by Sellers & Agents and buying into the MANY Myths associated with Auction – These Myths have been around for generations and are fueled by several common key factors.

We all know that there are 2 key Elements associated with a property Selling – whether it be at Auction or by Private Treaty:

  • It’s too ExpensiveWhy Auctions Fail! copy
  • Nobody knows about it

But there is a third……THE AGENT…….The Agent didn’t have a Refined, Detailed and Reverse Engineered ‘PROCESS’ including the Precision Execution of Strategic Activities & the ‘Well Crafted Scripts & Dialogue’ needed to bring the Buyers & Seller together.

So what happens….

The Agent Successfully Lists an ‘Auction’ – which is no small feat – then launches their campaign….but sadly, without a detailed strategic plan….There is WITHOUT DOUBT more to selling a property via Auction than just Setting the Date, Whacking up the Sign and putting a few ads in the Paper & on the Internet – HOPING that the buyers turn up on the day….

** Remember – HOPE IS NOT A PLAN — **

To ensure the Success of your Auction Campaign, YOU SIMPLY MUST HAVE a Refined, Detailed & Reverse Engineered ‘PROCESS’

With the Successful Execution of your Process, you maximize your:

  • Future Listing Opportunities
  • Compliance
  • Positioning the Buyers & Seller
  • Reporting
  • Generating & Submitting Offers
  • Getting Bidders to the Auction
  • Ensuring a Sale
  • Well Crafted Scripts & Dialogues
  • How to Handle ‘How Much Do They Want?…’
  • And Many More……

Once you have the strategy, you then implement & execute all the finer details…The changes will be monumental!!

We know the process…..We have spent a Ridiculous amount of time Reverse Engineering the Process…The Objections….How to handle offers Prior to Auction….Setting the Reserve…Reporting….What to Say & When to Say it – to develop what we call –


We have proven consistently that by using this process ourselves & through watching our clients increased success, that if too you implement this mapped out ‘Step-By-Step’ guide you WILL – List & Sell More – Quicker & Easier.

Want to know more about “The ‘High-Clearance Auction Formula”?

Contact me for more information.

Your Auctioneer
Peter Hawtin
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