Why having a Coach is complete waist of time…


If you are the type of person that is:

  • Content with your current results
  • Unable to be accountable to another person
  • Don’t follow plans
  • Not willing to change
  • Are unteachable

Then you will find coaching is definitely a waste of time.

Whenever you listen to stories of the Elite of any field, they can account a lot of their success to having a Coach.

If you don’t have a coach you are more than likely experiencing the following issues:

  • inconsistent results
  • little to no focus
  • no drive
  • poor practices
  • no plan or strategy

However, if you are wanting to rise to the top of your game, or simply take your results to the next level, you need a Coach.

Here’s why you need a coach:

  • You are unhappy with your current results and income and want to increase it
  • You want to increase productivity and effectiveness
  • You need someone to make you accountable
  • You know you are not reaching your full potential
  • You know these is an easier and more effective way to do it
  • Your fast tracking your results
  • You need motivation and drive to keep going
  • You need to VENT

I’m Peter Hawtin and here’s why I’m your new Coach.

  • I work with numerous high performing agents and agencies on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis.
  • Helped many of my clients achieve award winning results and and in some cases assisted in significantly increasing results and income in some cases up to 4 times.

Want to work with me, email me at peter@realestatedominance.com.au or phone 0421 358 764 for a confidential strategy session.

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