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We need to ask you a Question…

— You’re really struggling to move to that next level?

— Have You Reached a Financial Ceiling? ($50K?-$100K?-$300K?)

— Do You Feel – “BLOCKED” — When It Comes To Earning More?

Are You Sabotaging Your Success – And Want It To STOP NOW?

We have owned and managed Real Estate businesses for almost 20 years. We have won several prestigious awards and have been featured in many publications as a thought leaders and top performers.

Our high level of business management, social media, marketing and team management skills have helped us to achieve many great successes in our careers and in business.

We believe that having a coach in life and in business is an essential part of true accomplishment and has proven to fast track results. We still to this day have our own coaches.

Real Estate Dominance has recognized a huge gap in the requirements of coaches to not only provide theoretical but also show practical experience and skills. The benefit that you get when you engage us is our extensive practical experience and our proven success strategies.

Real Estate Dominance focuses on providing consultancy services to those who are struggling to maintain focus, lost their mojo or need a hand understanding their business. Customizing training to the needs of clients from ‘One-on-One

Coaching’ through to ‘Group Workshops’ and “Online courses’ – ensuring you get the value and results you need.

Drawing on years of experience and knowledge in the property industry, we will give you the tools and knowledge to transform you and your business and drive you to your success.

Our services stand out in the market due to our proven track record of success. Our love and passion for our work ensures you will receive the highest level of service unsurpassed by any other.

Real Estate Dominance can provide strategic planning to individuals and/or confidentially working in your business to improve systems, mentor teams and manage processes.

For further information on how this can work for you please contact Peter or Loretta directly on 0421 358 764 or 0417748200 or you can email or or fill out the brief form below.

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